Water is my Life

It was clear to me very early on that my professional development should go hand in hand with an orientation towards environmental protection. In 1985, the apprenticeship "Ver- und Entsorger" offered me the start of a water-heavy and passionate professional life.

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Stephen Jacobs


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Expertise & Experience

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in wastewater treatment and water treatment. Chemical and apparatus treatment, boiler feed water conditioning, oxygen binding, hardness stabilization, corrosion protection, biocidal treatment, cooling water conditioning, cooling water partial flow filtration, softening, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, UV disinfection, sound disintegration, sand filters, backwash filters, precoat filters, micro sieves, disc filters, drum filters, continuous sand filters, lamella clarifiers , lamella packs, drinking water treatment, ozonation, exhaust air treatment, trickling filter process, biofilm process (IFAS), disinfection using diaphragm electrolysis (HOCl), and much more

Largest sand filtration in the world

One of the largest trickling filter installations

Largest disc filtration in the world

First complete removal of zebra mussels

38 Years
Expertise & Experience
Competence center

Focus and passion

Monitoring, analysis and optimization of water-bearing systems

Laboratory analyzes and pilot tests for new applications or further developments

Trace substance removal and removal of microplastics

Conditioning, preparation, treatment, disinfection

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The ability to think outside the box

Regardless of the industry, I am enthusiastic about using the most effective and efficient technology for the individual application. Water is not just water and "we've always done it this way" destroys all innovation, efficiency and progress.

Industrial Applications

Wastewater treatment

Municipal Applications

Drinking, service and process water


Passionate about snapping with camera and copter

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