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Water is Life - - Water is MY Life

The private individual Stephan Jakobs is hiding behind this website. I started the WASSERSCOUT.DE project on January 1st, 2020.

With my private website WASSERSCOUT.DE I would like to introduce you to my experience and expertise. My entire professional life since 1985 has been in the field of water and wastewater treatment.

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Stephan Jakobs
My Awards

( 7 +)

Over 35 years with 12 different awards, I'm very proud of that. These awards are both internal and official awards such as the B.A.U.M. Award.

My work over the years

( 2000 +)

More than 3535 large and small projects around the world have been completed. It is a must and a pleasure for me to work with all my strength and passion.

My Customers

( 1500 +)

In 35 years of passionate work, I had more than 2850 customers. Customers around the world with applications in cleaning, water treatment and water and wastewater treatment.

Paramahansa Yogananda

"It is wonderful when people with different views come together and not focus on their different opinions but on what connects them."

MÜLL IM MEER von Leonard Ermel (http://leonardermel.de)
MÜLL IM MEER von Leonard Ermel (http://leonardermel.de)


Nature conservation and environmental protection have long outgrown species and landscape conservation. Nature conservation is one of the most important tasks of humanity today and ranges from climate protection to poverty reduction.

The Earth's natural habitats are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate. If natural resource consumption continues, we will need two planets by 2050 to meet our food, energy and infrastructure needs. Reason enough to counteract active environmental protection! That's what I stand for also privately.

My mission is to focus all my efforts on improving water quality worldwide and raising awareness of the true value of water.

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Stephan Jakobs:


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