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My passion for water, sewage and environmental protection

Water can be described as the most precious resource on earth. It is the basis of life for plants, animals and people, be it as drinking water or to create living space.

Water in bodies of water or as groundwater is important for our habitat. Groundwater in particular should be subject to the highest level of protection, since it is only possible, if at all, to remediate polluted groundwater with great effort. The precautionary principle is therefore immensely important.

  • - I can actively contribute to the above tasks
  • - The combination of science and sales is exactly "mine".
38 years of experience and expertise
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs

It is hardly possible to list all the professions that deal with water. Water experts work, for example, at universities and research centers, at state and municipal institutes and offices, at water-related associations and water supply companies or the innovative companies that manufacture and sell water technologies. 

Water experts are sought after in energy supply companies, water and soil associations, state or private research institutes and last but not least in industrial companies or engineering offices. An important field of activity is drinking water treatment. Iron(II), manganese(II) and ammonium usually have to be eliminated from groundwater, algae and other suspended matter have to be removed from lake and dam water and ultimately the water must not be "aggressive" towards materials. Disinfection processes for hygienic safety are also part of the research areas. Drinking water quickly becomes waste water. Water chemists deal with many substances from household, industrial and agricultural uses such as sweeteners, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Of course, the chemists are not satisfied with the analysis, but try to show ways of reducing the pollution of our waters. The meanwhile established nutrient elimination in sewage treatment plants would not have been possible without the cooperation of water chemists. The introduction of more extensive wastewater treatment using activated carbon sorption or ozonation is currently an important topic in water chemistry. After all, modern industrial production and energy supply are also inconceivable without water. After fuel, water is the second most important resource for operating the water-steam cycle in large-scale power plants. And the quality requirements there far exceed those of drinking water, as in modern chip production. Ensuring and checking this requires knowledge of water chemistry. In industry in particular, the need for appropriate specialists is growing, as people are increasingly looking for solutions that make production processes more efficient and protect the environment, for example through increased recycling and reuse of water.


Pilot testings


Chemical & Biological Analysis


Years in water treatment


Years in leadership positions
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | Präsentation
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Platzhalter
Chemical water treatment
Research & Development
Disinfection & Hygiene
Drinking water treatment
Wastewater treatment
Why I Am Different

Inquisitive generalist

A lot of water is required in industry and is contaminated by a wide variety of pollutants within the most diverse production processes. Unfortunately, most of the industrial wastewater is wasted. Industrial wastewater is not just industrial wastewater. Municipal wastewater also places the highest demands on treatment and requires specific pre- and post-treatment. The applications for municipal and industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment are as diverse as the industries are. The goal is always the same: the contaminated or untreated water and waste water is treated in such a way that it can be (re)used directly or in a production process. It is my passion to develop industry-specific, individual solutions for optimal processing

How it all developed

My CV as a timeline

Primary and Secondary school
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | ausbildung 150x150 - Über mich
Apprenticeship at the municipality of Brüggen in a training association with the municipality of Wegberg
Apprenticeship as "Ver- und Entsorger, specializing in waste water"
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | ausbildung 150x150 - Über mich

1988 up to and including 1994
Municipality of Brüggen / Niederrhein
Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Laboratory Manager at the sewage treatment plant
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | Burggemeinde Logo 300x224 - Über mich

Commercial schools of the city of Mönchengladbach
High school diploma (chemical engineering)
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | ausbildung 150x150 - Über mich
University of Applied Sciences (HS) Niederrhein, Krefeld
Study of chemical engineering, focus on water chemistry / water technology
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | ausbildung 150x150 - Über mich
3M Germany GmbH,
Profikids arsmedia GmbH,
Neue MedienWerkstatt GmbH
Jobs as a working student / student trainee during my studies
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | werkstudent 150x150 - Über mich
2003 up to and including 2007
Chemie + Wasser Lohbeck GmbH
Area Sales Manager (NRW, NDS, SA, HH, SH)
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | cwl logo 150x150 - Über mich
Chemical water treatment of steam boilers and cooling and process water
2007 up to and including 2009
Dr O. Hartmann Chemietechnik GmbH
Regional Sales Manager (North & West Germany, BeNeLux)
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | hct 300x111 - Über mich
Chemical and apparatus-based water treatment of cooling circuits, steam boilers and drinking and process water
2009 up to and including 2017
Nordic Water GmbH
Sales Director (Continental Europe), Authorized Signatory
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | Logo Nordic Water Sulzer 300x63 - Über mich

Distribution of DynaSand© sand filters, Lamella© separator lamella clarifiers, DynaDisc© disc and DynaDrum© drum filters, biologically activated filters and BAK and GAK filters

2017 up to and including 2020
Enexio Water Technologies GmbH
Global Sales & Marketing Director, Company officer with statutory authority
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | ewt e1687846885358 300x149 - Über mich
Sales of random media and structured packings, lamella separators, cooling tower components, IFAS, biofilm processes, trickling filters, rainwater storage elements and components for mass transfer and odour control
2021 (6 months)
Con-Tex GmbH Watersolutions
International Business Development Manager
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | Con Tex Water 300x96 - Über mich
2021 & 2022
Vision Green Solutions GmbH
Head of Sales
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | vision green solutions 320x240 e1687847035550 300x161 - Über mich

Market launch, presentation and implementation of diaphragm electrolysis (disinfection with HOCl) on the global market

since July 1, 2023
Green Ocean Germany GmbH
Director of Business Development
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | Green Ocean Wastewater Technology Copy - Über mich

Green Ocean offers environmentally friendly technologies that convert toxic and/or non-biodegradable chemical compounds in wastewater by up to 90% to water and carbon dioxide. The remaining residues are biodegradable and can easily be mineralized in a downstream biological sewage treatment plant.

Best advertising - satisfied customers

What people say about me 😉


Within a very short time, Stephan developed a concept that could hold back 99.9% of all zebra mussels.

Barbara H / David L
Project Manager / Technical Director (Refinery DE)

With his amazing background knowledge and experience, Stephan was able to optimize our trickling filters and find the problem in operation and process.

Arun N
Project Manager (Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant UAE)

Stephan helped us a lot to fight against cryophyll bacteria. Now we have a good and reliable solution.

Henry B
Technical Manager (Dairy DE)

Mr Jakobs optimized our steam boiler. We save around 6000 euros per year in treatment chemicals.

Simone B
CEO (Laundry DE)

Mr. Jakobs developed a completely new technology for removing impurities from waste water with a high COD content.

Karl M
Technical Director (Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Belgium)

With a new technology we can now secure the drinking water supply in urban areas in Egypt.

Aisha K
Scientist (Military Egypt)