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This page shows you how I have created perfect and successful habitats for fish, shrimp and snails in my aquariums, which currently hold around 600 liters (gross).

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Ask any aquarist why they are so enthusiastic about their hobby - the aquarium - and they will tell you that there is something fascinatingly beautiful about being able to watch underwater life anytime in the comfort of your own home. Many aquarium owners spend hours observing fish, plants and other underwater animals in their aquarium. Here I explain why aquarists feel this magic and fascination:

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1. Simple and convenient

Unlike all other pets, fish do not need outdoor exercise. Nobody has to walk them like a dog. An extra toilet as with cats is not necessary. In general, underwater creatures don't make a mess and don't cause chaos in the apartment. Aquaristics are all around a convenient and easy way to keep pets in your home. Probably even the easiest of all possibilities when you think about pets.

2. No mess and no damage in the apartment

Sooner or later, dog and cat owners will be confronted with the fact that the lovely animals bite their shoes or scratch walls and furniture. Our dog, for example, has the habit of getting stockings and other items of laundry and bringing them to the front door as a greeting. Ultimately, the little rascal contributes to the fact that there is always a certain degree of disorder. The amount of hair that falls out also means that the apartment needs to be cleaned more frequently. In contrast, our fish require only a relatively small amount of time for feeding and cleaning.

3. An aquarium in the room exudes peace and quiet

As is well known, fish do not make any noise and do not bother the residents of an apartment or the neighbors. Especially with a dog that barks a lot, things are quite different. A beautifully furnished aquarium is not only an eye-catcher and a jewel in a room, but it also radiates a natural calm that occurs when observing the animals and has a meditation-like effect. Relaxation spreads when you look at it.

4. Day trips, weekend trips and spontaneous trips do not require any special preparation

Nice weather is announced for the weekend and a spontaneous short vacation would be just right after all that work. With an aquarium, such an excursion does not require much preparation. The timer is set to the daily workload of 6-8 hours anyway, the automatic feeder is filled quickly and if in doubt, the upcoming water change can be postponed by 1-2 days. If the aquarium is properly prepared, a vacation of two weeks is possible without a neighbor or friend having to look after the tank.

On the other hand, if you keep a dog as a pet and cannot take it with you, you have a bad conscience even if you stay away for several hours, look at the clock and remember that the dog has to go for a walk to meet its natural needs. How relaxing an aquarium is!


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5. Care and maintenance of the aquarium

Even if some people believe that keeping and rearing fish and other underwater inhabitants is not work, I have to point out the opposite at this point. Of course, the cost of care and maintenance also depends on the size of the aquarium. In general, the time required for cleaning and care of a small 40-litre pool to a medium-sized 250-litre pool is estimated at 30 to a maximum of 60 minutes per week.

6. Educational and helpful for kids too

Not only that, children and adults also have the chance to operate a living ecosystem with an aquarium and to learn the connections. Children also have the opportunity to take responsibility and learn what it means to own a pet. At the latest when the young fish hatch, an aquarium attracts a great deal of attention and curiosity in children, which sometimes leads to them wanting to get involved themselves. In many cases, however, children's desire to run an aquarium wanes after a while and mum or dad has to take over the job. However, the natural interaction of water, fish and plants is remembered and helps to understand the world better.

7. Allergies, therapy and protection against depression

Since fish are allergen-free, this hobby is also suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, the relaxing and calming effect of an aquarium reduces blood pressure and can be a complementary therapy for people with cardiovascular diseases.

People who have hobbies are less likely to become depressed because they are engaged in a joyful activity that lifts their spirits.

8. Eye catching and decoration

Most people who enter a room with a well-kept aquarium experience a sense of well-being and a sense of nature and peace. An aquarium in the room is always an eye-catcher and attracts attention. If it also suits the interior of the apartment or its surroundings, it is a valuable decoration.

An aquarium brings nature and life into the home and the best thing about it is that it fits into almost any home, regardless of its size, because even a small aquarium placed in the right place increases well-being and beautifies every room.