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AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Photography Drone Evolution

Flying a drone is totally fascinating. Even as a child, I loved taking pictures of the landscape. Unfortunately, a drone was out of my reach at the time.

I am now >50 years old and the desire for something flying has remained. Right from the start I was wondering which copter is the right one for me.

In the end I decided to buy several quadrocopters. 

Drone (multicopter) as a hobby?

The number of drones or multicopters flying around in the sky has steadily increased in recent years. The selection of different models has increased to the same extent and choosing the right drone is becoming increasingly difficult.

There are many ways one can use a drone as a hobby. Some people buy a drone because they like the idea of holding a camera up in the sky, while others want to fly fast and do tricks. I discovered a greater appreciation and love for photography and videography after purchasing my first drone. I bought my first drone to learn how to fly and ended up enjoying all the different photos I took of my adventures and vacations. In that sense, drones opened up a new hobby for me that I didn't expect to enjoy so much. 

Hobby drones can be used to capture incredible footage for social media or YouTube, or to document vacations and adventures from a unique perspective. Drones can also be used for racing and participating in a racing community. There are many ways that a drone can enrich your life and leisure time. In this article, we'll look at the three types of drones — camera drones, racing drones, and underwater drones — and how each of them can enhance your current hobby or start a new one.

"Snap" - semi-professional

I try to make the best of it with my cell phone, compact or single-lens reflex camera. The moods and lighting conditions are always important to me, although I can sometimes overlook photography principles such as the golden ratio 😉 

AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | service1 scaled 1024x733 - Fotografie- und Videografie
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout | Stephan Jakobs | equipment 1024x722 - Fotografie- und Videografie

In photography, the golden ratio is often used as a helpful tool to create harmonious and appealing compositions. According to the golden ratio, an image is divided into nine rectangles along two horizontal and two vertical lines. This is commonly known as a phi grid and is different from the traditional third grid.

The photo can be composed along the lines and at the intersection points and then has a particularly harmonious and well-thought-out effect on the viewer. For example, the horizon is along one of the vertical lines, while a person in the foreground is positioned along one of the vertical lines.

Rules are made to be broken

You can also compose your picture outside the phi grid and consciously break with the rule. In this way you can direct the viewer's gaze and build up additional tension.

Try it out and compose images with the Phi grid. Once you get the hang of it, consciously break the rule and see how that conscious break can change the message of the image and direct the eye. 

Capturing moments has always fascinated me. However, over time I focused more and more on landscape and nature photography and long exposures. See some examples here: