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Developments and project highlights

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Innovation: know-how & research

Again and again I come across tasks that are completely new, even after tens of years of experience. The best and fairest method is to find out whether the task can be solved economically and technically with the help of all specialist disciplines. Piloting under real conditions often helps.

I will successively present my developments and project highlights on this subpage.

Chemical-free removal of zebra mussels

At that time, disk filters with a 10 µm disk covering were used. The fabric was a square mesh polye more...

Space-saving sedimentation for waste water with a high COD content

Lamella separator for waste water treatment in the Oberbruch industrial park (operated by NUON Energie & Service GmbH) – solids separation more...

Recovery of titanium dioxide and kaolin in the paper industry

Reducing costs by recycling the pigments from the process effluent For paper mills, the production of paper is one of the w more...

Optimization of a trickling filter system

Biofilm processes are used in biological wastewater treatment. These methods are based on trickling filters. A pump delivers more...

Removal of cryophilic bacteria from ice water

Psychrophilia (from ancient Greek ψυχρός psychrós "cold", "cool" and φίλος phílos "loving")[1] is the property more...

Further case studies are in preparation