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Water, water, water!

How did that happen?

Water treatment serves various purposes, all of which are essential for the existence of our civilization, after all, water is the basis of all life. For example, drinking water is obtained from raw water, which people urgently need to survive. Sewage treatment plants clean our used wastewater so it doesn't pollute water bodies when it's eventually discharged.

Exciting, always challenging, innovative - just the right thing for me!

My many years of technical expertise offer both biological and physical-chemical methods and solutions for wastewater treatment and sludge treatment for industry and municipalities. A special focus is on the design of new sewage treatment plant concepts for a "sewage treatment plant of the future", which not only cleans the sewage in accordance with the ordinance, but can also generate additional value at the same time. Tailor-made solutions, filters and concepts are also part of the portfolio in the future expanded water and wastewater treatment.

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My "main passions"


Wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater is domestic and commercial waste

Chemische und weitergehende Aufbereitungen

Chemical and further processing

Decide based on local conditions

Desinfektion & Hygiene

Disinfection & Hygiene

Disinfection solutions are as special as your branc

Filtration & Mikrosiebung

Filtration & Microsieving

The filtration (also filtration, filtering or Filte

Industrielle & kommunale Wasseraufbereitung

Industrial & municipal water treatment

To get the most important food available worldwide

Spurenstoffelimination & Mikroplastikentfernung

Trace substance elimination & microplastic removal

For the elimination of organic pollutants, M

My customers worldwide

I am pleased that customers from many countries have opted for cooperation or projects. I have already worked in the following countries.

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Sectors in which I have worked

In addition to the construction of complete solutions for water and wastewater treatment (from 5 m³/day to 1.4 million m³/day), I have carried out a number of extensions and renovations of existing water treatment plants in the following sectors:

  • Waste oil treatment
  • aquaculture
  • bed feather processing
  • Breweries
  • chemical industry
  • bowel processing
  • landfills
  • electronics industry
  • energy production
  • soft drink production
  • vinegar making
  • fish processing
  • meat processing
  • aircraft construction
  • grain products processors
  • spice plants
  • rubber products
  • wood processing
  • Cocoa and coffee production
  • Potato and vegetable processing
  • municipal facilities
  • compressor construction
  • hospitals
  • Power plants (coal, hard coal, nuclear)
  • plastic manufacturing
  • Food Color Manufacturing
  • Menu and food production
  • dairy
  • sewing thread coloring
  • food industry
  • oil recycling
  • papermaking
  • refinery
  • juicing
  • shrimp farming
  • Butchery
  • chocolate making
  • edible oil production
  • steel processing
  • steelmaking
  • confectionery production
  • tanker cleaning
  • textile industry
  • wine production
  • Central industrial sewage treatment plants
  • zoo keeping
  • and many others more...

My experience & expertise

  • mechanical processing (e.g. rakes, sieves, micro sieves, disc filters, drum filters, sand filters)
  • physical treatment (e.g. aeration, softening, atomization, sedimentation, flotation, vacuum processes, thermal effects)
  • chemical treatment (e.g. oxidation, disinfection, stabilization, corrosion protection, oxygen binding, precipitation and flocculation, ion exchange, activated carbon (adsorption))
  • further processing, such as elimination of trace substances, elimination of phosphorus and removal of microplastics.

I describe myself as a specialist in water and waste water treatment and an expert in the field of water and waste water treatment and purification. I have extensive knowledge of the various processes and technologies that are used in the treatment of water for drinking water production or in the purification of waste water to protect the environment. I have an education in environmental engineering, water management and chemical engineering. In addition, I have extensive practical experience in the planning, implementation, operation and monitoring of water and wastewater projects. My tasks have always included the analysis of water and waste water samples, the assessment of water quality, the development of treatment strategies, the selection of suitable treatment processes, the calculation of dosing quantities for chemicals and monitoring the effectiveness of the technologies used. I enjoy working closely with other professionals such as chemists, engineers, biologists and environmentalists to find the best possible solutions for water and wastewater treatment. I know the legal regulations and norms in the field of water quality and ensure that all projects meet the required standards. In summary, I am an expert who has the expertise and experience to effectively treat and purify water and wastewater. My work has contributed and continues to contribute to securing the water supply, protecting the environment and ensuring people's health. My core competencies and experiences are:

Boiler feed water conditioning, raw water treatment, softening, ion exchange for heavy metal removal, reverse osmosis, cooling water treatment, cooling water conditioning, biocide treatment (oxidative and non-oxidizing), disinfection (ozone, UV), river water treatment, removal of mussels (zebra mussels, quagga mussels), larvae, eggs (helminths), Rainwater treatment, cooling water partial flow filtration, drinking water conditioning, drinking water disinfection, load- and volume-proportional dosing of respective additives, service water and process water treatment, HVAC sanitation, conditioning of open (KKL), semi-open (KKL) closed water circuits (heating and heating circuits, cooling circuits (KKL)), ice water disinfection for Removal of cryophilic bacteria, cleaning of coated surfaces (lime, biofilm, corrosion products, silicates), phosphate precipitation, combating bulking sludge, micro-sieving, filtration, sedimentation (classic, lamella clarifier, lamella packs), rec s, sand traps, sludge removal, exhaust air purification, mass transfer, heat exchange, biofilm processes (trickling filters, IFAS, MBBR), rainwater storage and rainwater infiltration, biofiltration, filtration, sand filtration, continuous sand filtration, nitrate removal from liquid manure, biodegradable grids to restore ecosystems, diaphragm electrolysis (in- In-situ systems for disinfection with hypochlorous acid), mechanical, chemical, aerobic, anaerobic and advanced wastewater treatment, adsorption activated sludge processes (A/B processes), and much more

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Water & Wastewater

Water runs like a common thread through my CV

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