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My new field of professional activity since March 2021 is disinfection and the use of hypochlorous acid. The systems from VISION GREEN SOLUTIONS GmbH are ideally suited for this.
My job as Head of Sales (focus on hygiene concepts) & Senior Consultant (Green Water Resource Management) serves to sell the proton-IQ® product for a wide variety of applications.
Proton-IQ®securo system series

proton-IQ® securo disinfection systems (in-situ) for self-sufficient self-supply with disinfection and cleaning solutions from VISION GREEN SOLUTIONS

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The proton-IQ® technology for electrolyzed water (EW) is based on a new, previously unknown law about abnormal changes in the reaction and catalytic capabilities of aqueous solutions, which correspond to an electrochemical unipolar (either anodic or cathodic) Treatment. EW is necessarily associated with a change in its chemical composition, acidity and (or) alkalinity in a wide range.

Therefore the EW application makes the following possible:

  • to exclude the regulation of the solution properties with expensive reagents from routine technological processes;
  • Improving the quality of the treated substances;
  • reduce the number and duration of technological operations;
  • to reduce their labor-intensive nature;
  • Facilitation and simplification of water and wastewater purification.

In contrast to known electrochemical reactions, in the processes of electrochemical activation the starting substances are dilute aqua salt solution (salt solution) and tap water. The possible EW products are not concentrated chemical substances, but activated solutions (anolytes and catholytes): liquids with a low mineral content in a metastable state that have increased chemical activity. The synthesis of electrochemically activated solutions is only possible if a unipolar electrochemical exposure is combined with the treatment of as many micro-volumes of liquid as possible in the high-voltage electrical field of a double electrical layer near the electrode surface.

Anlagenserie proton-IQ® ECAMASTER

Proton-IQ®securo system series

The proton-IQ®securo product series can produce up to 6,000 liters of disinfectant in one hour.

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Advantages over conventional disinfection

- Production of an oxidative biocide on site
-sustainable breakdown of biofilm
-no loss of active substance
-pathogenic germs such as legionella and pseudomonads are reliably eliminated Water, energy and salt required
-No hazardous material
-Unbeatable operating costs
-Easy application and handling
-Dosage-based dosing,
-Processive feed
-Cooling tower management according to 42nd BImSchV

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Drinking, wastewater and process water

Contamination can occur in all types of water. Prevent efficiently.

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General Information

The proton-IQ®securo system series produces highly effective disinfectants for drinking water, process water and swimming pool water on site (in-situ) for our customers. The possible uses are almost unlimited. The process is based on electrochemical activation (ECA), but thanks to the patented reactor technology, the disinfection solutions have a very long shelf life. The in-situ production is a very environmentally friendly and at the same time the most cost-efficient alternative to all other conventional disinfection processes with high water or wastewater quantities. Our systems are certified, easy to use, internet-enabled and can be equipped with automatic pH control.

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Me @ Vision Green Solutions GmbH
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An overview of our application expertise

-Drinking water disinfection
-Waste water disinfection (sewage treatment plants)
-Animal keeping & fattening farms
-Aqua farms (fish farming, shrimp breeding)
-Swimming pool disinfection (public pools)

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Me @ Vision Green Solutions GmbH

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Disinfection based on nature's example

Product features at a glance:
The proton-IQ®securo system series meets all requirements of European legislation (biocide regulation) and the German drinking water regulation (§11 list of the TrinkwV) (declaration of conformity) proton-IQ® is not classified as dangerous according to the legislation of the European Union. The product is skin-friendly and not a hazardous substance subject to labeling. proton-IQ® has a bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, sporicidal and virucidal effect (enveloped and non-enveloped viruses). When water is used with the product, it reliably and completely breaks down biofilms. proton-IQ® is environmentally friendly and non-toxic for humans and animals. If used properly, the corrosiveness of the water solution is not increased and there is no consequential damage to materials. proton-IQ® can be used in all stages of disinfection. proton-IQ® can be used in liquid form, as ice or as an aerosol (mist). The in-situ production eliminates the need for complex storage processes for chemicals.

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Me @ Vision Green Solutions GmbH

Industrial Applications

-Cooling towers
-beverage industry
-hotels & spas
-livestock and fish farms
-biogas plants
- cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

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proton-IQ® by Vision Green Solutions GmbH

highly effective - environmentally neutral - skin-friendly - without additives

proton-IQ® beats all known methods of disinfection in terms of effect, side effects, environmental compatibility, disposal and costs.

It has a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect (enveloped and non-enveloped viruses). Completely breaks down biofilms (EPS). Ideally suited for human hygiene (skin and hand disinfection), cold fogging for room and air hygiene.

Our proton-IQ® brand is protected by trademark law across Europe.
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