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Compact complete package for those interested in the weather and hobby meteorologists: Installed in a flash, the BRESSER professional WLAN weather station 7in1 shows extensive local measured values and practical data for everyday use on its stylish color display. How long can I enjoy my sunbathing? With the UV index and sunburn time, the question is quickly answered. Does the garden need water? To do this, call up the amount of precipitation that the weather station has determined with a rain gauge for different periods of time. Of course, that's not all - look forward to a meteorological all-round with weather forecast and extensive measurement and historical data. You can then use the WLAN function to publish these on the Internet via weather platforms such as WeatherCloud or the German-language AWEKAS and call them up at any time.

The professional weather station comes with an easy-to-mount, multifunctional outdoor sensor to keep you informed about wind and weather at all times. Current outside temperature, air humidity, wind speed and direction, amount of precipitation, UV index and light intensity – the compact all-rounder sends all of this to the basic device, where the data appears clearly prepared on the screen. Additional environmentally friendly extra: To protect the batteries, the solar panel supports the power supply.

The climate also influences our well-being indoors - keyword: mold formation. That's why the weather station measures the temperature and humidity in two places in your four walls: at the location of the base station and the thermo-hygro wireless sensor. And the corresponding comfort indicator shows you directly as a smiley whether there is a need for action in terms of room climate.

AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout by Stephan Jakobs | BRESSER-Profi-W-LAN-Wetter-Center-6-in-1 in Hürth-Hermülheim
AichTwoOh 💦 WasserScout by Stephan Jakobs | BRESSER-Profi-W-LAN-Wetter-Center-6-in-1 Display

More than just measurement data – the features of the WiFi weather station

So that you can keep a cool head in any weather, the WiFi weather station with anemometer will impress you with its practical features. The Beaufort index tells you directly how strong the wind is blowing outside. Trend indicators also announce forthcoming weather changes in the coming minutes. With the max./min. value memory, on the other hand, you can take a meteorological look back at the last 24 hours. Practical: The weather alarm draws your attention to the weather conditions you have chosen yourself with a beep. The weather index is also sure to warm you up very quickly: it provides relevant temperature information about the outdoor area with the perceived outside temperature, dew point, heat value and wind chill factor. And so that you have enough time in the morning even on wintry days, the alarm clock is equipped with a frost alarm. You will be woken up 30 minutes before the set time if the outside temperature falls below -3 °C. Good prospects for passionate weather people: Get an overview of your local weather conditions with the BRESSER professional 7-in-1 WiFi weather station with extensive, self-measured data.


  • Ability to transfer data to AWEKAS, Weather Underground and WeatherCloud via WiFi connection
  • Display of the exact measurement data from the outdoor sensor
    (Outside temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, amount of precipitation, UV index, light intensity)
  • air pressure
  • Extensive historical data display
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Graphic weather forecast for 1 to 24 hours
  • Display of sunburn time (min.)
  • Beaufort index (scale for classifying wind forces)
  • Weather index (Felt like function, dew point, heat index, wind chill factor)
  • Trend indicator for trends in weather changes
  • Room climate comfort indicator as a smiley
  • weather alert
  • Max./Min. value memory (up to 24 hours)
  • Alarm clock with frost warning and snooze function
  • Automatic and manual time setting
  • Moon phases, sunrise and sunset time


  • Measurement of wind speed, wind direction and precipitation
  • Measurement of UV level and light intensity
  • Measurement of outside temperature and humidity
  • Transmission range: up to 150 m
  • Transmission interval: 12 seconds for UV, light intensity, wind speed and wind direction data; 24 seconds for temperature, humidity and rain data
  • Mounting on a mast (tube diameter approx. 25 - 33 mm) or on a stand (not included)
  • Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included); supporting solar panel
  • Dimensions: 370.5 x 334 x 144.5mm; Weight: 1,070g


  • Measurement of indoor temperature and humidity
  • Transmission range: up to 150 m
  • Transmission interval: 60 seconds
  • Wall mount and table stand
  • Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 113 x 39.5mm; Weight: 144g


  • Base station with stand
  • 7-in-1 multi-sensor with mounting material
  • Thermo/hygro meter
  • Power supply & instructions